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Live Pain Free...

1.     It's  POSITIVE FREQUENCIES  help to neutralize/reverse many of the ill-effects upon our body, as a result  of a lifetime of exposure to the negative EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) produced by the modern electrical world of computers, cell phones, tablets, microwave ovens, florescent lights, etc.  Children of all ages should wear the Regenerating PBS Wristband!

2.     It's  POSITIVE FREQUENCIES  help the body to reduce and/or eliminate the pain and other symptoms from bodily ailments such as vertigo, arthritis, parkinson's, neuropathy, MS, headaches and more.

 3.    It's  POSITIVE FREQUENCIES  help the body to maximize flexibility, balance and strength to perform physical functions; including walking, lifting, getting up and down out of chairs and playing sports like golf.  Thousands of satisfied customers declare that PBS stands for Play Better Sports.


Why would someone buy and wear a Regenerating PBS Wristband?

Made in the USA    -    American Technology and Materials!

"Holistic Health Frequency Band"

​A portion of all proceeds generated is donated each month to...

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


     Wear your band on either wrist or ankle.  The scientifically invented metal disk re-aligns your body's atomic structure.  It is not a magnet, and will not affect a pace-maker, watch or other electrical device.  Wear your band 24 hours a day.  You can remove it to bathe or shower, although getting the disk wet will not alter its effectiveness.  If you have balance problems, you may leave the band on in the shower for safety reasons.

      Every atom in your body contains an electrical charge.  We live in a modern electrical world  which emits NEGATIVE FREQUENCIES.  These frequencies scramble and diminish the effectiveness of the internal communication system of your electrical body.  This process hinders your brain from functionally communicating throughout your body, at the capacity intended by our Maker.  When contacting the PBS Band,your body reads/imitates the programmed POSITIVE FREQUENCIES in the disk.  This neutralizes negative frequencies in your body.  With the communication system of your body improved, your body is better able to achieve significant improvement in flexibility, strength, balance and the ability to relieve pain from head to toe.

     Some people have extreme ailments and bodily complications which require a stronger stimulus. Anyone not experiencing

positive results after 30 days should have an additional metal disk or disks attached to their band for an additional cost of $30.00 each.  In this situation, a new 45 day money back guarantee, on all money spent on the band, from day one, will be given!  Following this approach brings success!     

    The band is not FDA approved, and is not intended to prevent or cure illness.  We make no representation or warranties about the potential health benefits of this product.If you have any questions or concerns, consult your physician before wearing.  We do not represent that this is a medical device.  The results stated are from the testimony of thousands of satisfied users. 

     You owe it to yourself to try the REGENERATING PBS WRISTBAND.

Understanding the use of your Regenerating PBS Wristband.

 Regenerating  PBS  Wristband